Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Commentary from Our First Show

Our Comments
“Some descriptions pissed me off. They didn’t seem to take art seriously. It was upsetting. I love the wall harp I wish it was a dulcimer. I’d like to see more realism THAT ISNT PHOTOGRAPHY”
“Congratulations on your opening. It’s a great start! ”
“Congrats to you Hallie! + Gavin, great pieces. You all should be very proud!”
“Hallie, Natalia, and Gavin, That gallery looks amazing! Kudos to all of you for having a such a great vision and for all of your determination in organizing this and making it happen. I am so exited about where this is going to go. Congratulations and thank you!”
“Great Job! Very nice work, very impressed by the level of skill, creativity, and different styles represented. Will definitely come back!”
“Awesome work we are so happy and proud! Kudos!’
“Very cool, sweet, awesome, and keep making guitars GAV-DOG!”
“Hallie is hot”
“Looks awesome! Great job. So impressive!”
“Awesome gallery, great artwork, love the atmosphere! Hope this stays for a while. Came in from out of town for this”
“Given the gallery’s proximity to the local head shop, I can’t help but feel disappointed at the total disregard for the role plays in the artistic process.
But that’s just one man’s opinion!”
“Great job Hallie and the committee. You are a wonderful influence of the Carolina way”

“This is an interesting show. What exactly is trying to be conveyed? Good luck, all of us artists need to find success somewhere.”
“Great job getting the gallery together in such a short time. The space is amazing! Also-best peeps.”

Our Reaction:
Thank you for all of the feedback. We feel that a truly great art show doesn’t always have people in agreement or even people leaving happy. Instead it provokes thought and causes discussion.
In response to some of the comments:
“Some descriptions pissed me off. They didn’t seem to take art seriously. It was upsetting. “
The artists’ bios and descriptions were written by the artists themselves. However, we have decided that these descriptions should be written by someone else for consistency and to provide an interpretation from a viewer’s perspective.”

We would also like to invite anyone who felt like some style or medium was underrepresented to submit a piece to the gallery. We tried to include an equal representation of every style that was submitted to the gallery.
If you have additional comments or ideas, feel free to email us at thestudentartery@gmail.com or stop by the gallery.

The Artery's Background

Founded in the fall of 2009 by Hallie Ringle, Natalia Davila and Gavin Hackeling, the Artery is a gallery for and by students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Located in a donated storefront that formerly housed a bar, the Artery was transformed into a gallery space in a few weeks through the efforts of a dedicated group of students and contributions from the community. Twenty artists submitted nearly one hundred pieces to be considered for the first show. On November 6 the Artery opened its doors to an enthusiastic public for the first time.